Reciprocating Stainless Steel Pillow Packaging Machine
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Reciprocating Stainless Steel Pillow Packaging Machine

Dustial Machinery® Reciprocating stainless steel Pillow packaging machine, end sealing angle device, more beautiful bag shape, improved product grade, positioning stop function, no sticking knife, no waste of film.

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Product Description

Dustial Machinery® reciprocating pillow packaging machine, also called servo pillow packaging machine, is a relatively advanced and high-end pillow packaging machine in the market, with wide applicability, packaging film width of 150-600mm can be packaged, and the packaging speed is fast , the packaged product has a beautiful appearance, accurate packaging specifications, and can package products with a relatively high height. During the packaging process, the product length can be automatically identified, the air-proof bag function, packaging with materials, and standby without materials. It is a product that is currently widely used.

This reciprocating packaging machine adopts stainless steel structure, double frequency conversion control, automatic memory and storage of 12 sets of packaging parameters, can quickly replace the packaging, convenient and fast, and has excellent performance; high-sensitivity electric eyes automatically track, no need for manual adjustment after setting, sealing and cutting size and The position is accurate, the seal is firm and beautiful; the temperature is independently controlled by PID intelligently, the temperature control is stable, and it is better suitable for various packaging materials; the color touch screen display, positioning stop, automatic fault diagnosis function, the display is clear at a glance; automatic production counting, quantitative production, packaging output Accurate and clear; simple mechanical design and transmission system, more reliable work, more convenient maintenance; can be equipped with nitrogen or mixed gas, production date coding system according to user product packaging requirements; upper paper feeding mechanism, feeding method has push material There are two kinds of block feeding type and packaging film direct feeding type.

Reciprocating Stainless Steel Pillow Packaging Machine parameters

Film width
450 mm
600 mm
Bag length
120-450 mm
120-450 mm
Bag width
50-160 mm
50-200 mm
Product height
10-80 mm 
10-100 mm
Film roll diameter
320 mm 
320 mm
Packaging rate
20-80 Packets per minute
20-80 Packets per minute
220V  50/60Hz  3.6kw 
220V  50/60Hz  3.6kw
Machine size
L3960×W830×H1750 mm
L3960×W930×H1750 mm
Machine weight

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