Down Paper Pillow Packing Machine
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Down Paper Pillow Packing Machine

Dustial Machinery® focuses on the production of pillow packaging machines. The Down Paper Pillow Packing Machine developed by Dustial Machinery can be customized for customers to solve production line packaging solutions for various industries in order to improve customer production efficiency.

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Product Description

Dustial Machinery® Down Paper Pillow Packing Machine is a kind of packaging equipment that is widely used on the surface. The pillow packaging machine is also widely used, whether it is in the pharmaceutical industry, or in the food industry, or in the industrial industry, the traditional baking industry , have a wide range of related pillow packaging machines

The key parts of the machine are made of stainless steel, in line with food QS and pharmaceutical GMP hygienic standards; double frequency conversion control, automatic memory and storage of 12 sets of packaging parameters, can quickly replace the packaging, convenient and fast, excellent performance; high-sensitivity electric eye automatic tracking, no need to Manual adjustment, accurate size and position of sealing and cutting, strong and beautiful sealing; independent PID intelligent control of temperature, stable temperature control, better suitable for various packaging materials; color touch screen display, positioning stop, automatic fault diagnosis function, the display is clear at a glance; automatic production counting, Quantitative and fixed production, accurate and clear packaging output; simple mechanical design and transmission system, more reliable work, and more convenient maintenance; can be equipped with nitrogen or mixed gas, production date coding system according to user product packaging requirements; upper paper feeding mechanism , There are two feeding methods: pushing block feeding type and packaging film direct feeding type. Dustial Machinery machinery manufacturers are trying to do better

Dustial Machinery® Down Paper Pillow Packing Machine parameters



Film width


Bag length


Bag with


Product height


Film roll diameter


Packaging rate


Packaging materials




Machine size


Machine weight


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