cleaning supplies

Cleaning Sponge, Cotton Cloth, Steel Wool, Etc.

Snack foods

Cupcakes, Toast, Biscuits, Candies, Dried Fruit Products, Dried Vegetable Products, Ice Cream, Etc.

Fresh Food & Agricultural By-products

Fish, Shrimp, Meat, And Those With Trays Can Be Packaged. Vegetables, Oranges, Apples, Dry And Wet Rice Noodles, Etc. Can Be Packed With Trays Or Without Trays.

Plastic Accessories & Hardware Accessories

Lamp Holders, Plastic Rings, Small Rubber Tubes, Bulk Rubber Bands, Straws, Takeaway Tableware, Plastic Dinner Plates, Screws, Wrenches, Valves, Etc.

daily necessities

Daily Necessities

About Us

Foshan Shunde Dustrial Machinery Co.,Ltd is a big pillow packaging machine, sealing and cutting shrink packing machine, horizontal packaging machine, and automatic packaging machine independent research and development such as packaging machine manufacturers, the company involved in the field is very broad, have good reputation in all walks of life. Dustrial Machinery has a senior professional and technical team of engineers, with four years of professional experience in production machinery research and development. Focus on DE kai packaging machinery products in line with "customer oriented, science and technology as the power, talent as the cornerstone, quality is life" principle, over the years, constantly pioneering and innovation, and enterprising. And international famous brands of imported spare parts, imported electric components and pneumatic components.


For inquiries about horizontal packing machine, flow wrapping machine, automatic packing machine or price list, please leave your email to us and we will be in touch within 24 hours.

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