Mini-size Filling and Packaging Machine
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Mini-size Filling and Packaging Machine

The mini-size filling and packaging machine is a compact packaging machinery used to fill and package small quantities of products into bags, sachets, or containers. This type of machine is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses that need to package products in small quantities or for businesses that have limited space for packaging machinery.

Model:BCK Series

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Product Description

Mini-size Filling and Packaging Machine Feature

• Stainless steel structure.
• Bag-making, measuring, filling, sealing, cutting and counting are all finished automatically.
• Either under set length control or photoelectric color tracking, bag length is set and cut in one step, time and film saving.
• The driving system is simple and realable, maintenance is easy.

Mini-size Filling and Packaging Machine Technical Data

Name BCK-240 BCK-300
Bag Size W:30-120mm , L:30-155mm
W:30-150mm , L:30-155mm
Filling Range 5-100ml 5-330ml
Speed Max. 60 bpm Max. 60 bpm
Sealing Type Back sealing /Three-side sealing / Four-side sealing
Application Powder, Granule, Liquid, Paste, Piece

BCK-G240/300 BCK-F240/300

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