Auger Filler Packing Line
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Auger Filler Packing Line

The auger filler packing line is a type of packaging machinery used to fill and package various powdered or granular products into bags, containers, or pouches. The filling process is accomplished using an auger filling machine, which measures and dispenses a precise amount of product into the packaging container.

Model:BJ Series

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Product Description

The auger filling machine consists of a hopper, an auger, and a funnel. The product is loaded into the hopper, and the auger rotates, drawing the product from the hopper and forcing it through the funnel and into the packaging container. The amount of product dispensed is controlled by the speed of the auger and the size of the opening in the funnel. An auger filler packing line may include other equipment such as conveyors, bagging machines, and sealing machines, depending on the specific needs of the packaging application. For example, a complete packaging line for filling and packaging bags may include a bagging machine that forms the bags, a conveyor to move the bags through the filling process, and a sealing machine to close and seal the bags once they are filled. The advantages of an auger filler packing line include high accuracy in filling, the ability to handle a wide range of product types and sizes, and the flexibility to integrate with other packaging equipment. Auger filling machines are commonly used in industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and cosmetics.

Full sets included

1. Vertical packaging machine
2. Auger filler
3. Auger conveyor

Auger Filler Packing Line Application

• Milk powder
• Coffee powder
• Powder additive
• Spices
• Chemical powder

Packing material

• Heat sealable roll film

Bag style
• Pillow bag
• Gusset bag
• Chain bag
• Bag with hole

Packing speed: 5-50 bags/min
Filling range: 10-2000g;
(Changing auger and former). 

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