2012 Italy international packaging machinery and food processing machinery exhibition (Ipack-Ima)

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2012 Italy international packaging machinery and food processing machinery exhibition (Ipack-Ima)
Show time: February 28, 2012 - March 3rd
Venue: Italy Milan Exhibition Center
Sponsored by: Ipack-Ima Spa
Holding period: three years
Exhibition introduction:
The IPACK-IMA event is the world range inner packaging, processing and logistics material transport in the important exhibitions: a large-scale system of exhibition, from all over the world

Food industry and food industry experts display technology and solutions. Here, technology providers and end users to meet, to enhance the volume of business, create value, share

Knowledge and expertise and innovation to provide such a large professional community.
In order to encourage members of the community exchanges, IPACK-IMA exhibition opened a new communication tools: business community. Technology providers and demanders meet here, help

Help the exhibitors and visitors to maximize participation in IPACK-IMA exhibition benefits.
The IPACK-IMA event is an ongoing activity. Before three the exhibition shows a growing number of the visitors: from 2003 45000 to 2006

54000, this is a 20% increase. This growth was mainly due to the growing number of international visitors, accounted for 25% of international visitors. IPACK-IMA Exhibition

The main influence surface is Europe, accounted for 3/4. From the Eastern European visitors is also a lot of: in 2009 the growth rate of 37%. In 2009 from the Mediterranean area and the number of

For the 11%.
In a global perspective, IPACK-IMA exhibition display high-end products made in Italy stage, is also the global Large Firm recognized important activities: in 2009, 403 from

Italy foreign enterprises exhibitors, exhibitors accounted for 1400 of the 29%.
IPACK-IMA2012 will provide for future development opportunities and solutions. For example, "innovation angle", this is one for those who need to show the new products and new technology area.

"Planning for the future", and CONAI is a collective organization, including university, associations, research institutions, a providing seminars, round tables and work activity.
During the exhibition will be held in IPACK-IMA2012 Industry Exhibition and Discussion on sustainable development of food industry and food safety conference. This is since 2009

The part of a long-term plan, its theme is "less hungry, will more and more technology to food industry, make the food more safety and improve food quality", this activity is associated with the United Nations Food

Product organization sponsors jointly. To this end, in 2010 organized the "IPACK-IMA" activities: for food safety technology. This project will be in 2011 held in Africa, discuss

The topic is food safety and food security.
Scope of exhibits:
A. used in packaging and packaging machinery, equipment and spare parts
B. consumer goods (food and non-food packaging and packaging materials)
C. industrial protective packaging (used for transport, logistics and transport packaging materials)
D. processing machinery, equipment and spare parts
E. used for processing, canning and packaging liquid beverage machinery
F. for terminal production, transportation, warehousing and logistics technology and services
G. used to label, coding, identification, tracking and recognition system
H. manufacturing packaging machine
I. is used in packaging and printing machine
J. industrial service and order packaging services
K. research institutions, press and Association

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